Beautiful messaging for mobile & web.

Experience the best of photo sharing and free messaging in one app.

Fun, colorful conversations.

LiveShare is the perfect way to capture and reexperience your night out with friends, coordinate weekend plans,
keep in touch with family, and of course, exchange lovey-dovey notes with your sweetheart.

Unlimited free messaging.

Send free unlimited text messages, photos, locations, and more with individual friends or among groups.

Message with anyone.

Share to any email address or US phone number. Your friends don't have to have LiveShare installed to reply.

Never looked so good.

Photos are interweaved as beautiful photo collages within text conversations and fully interactive maps.

More features: Smart groups, places, offline support, ultra-fast camera mode... oh yeah, bring 'em on.

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It's unlike anything else, and it's free.

Why LiveShare?

It's fast and beautiful.
  • Free unlimited text messaging.
  • Free and fast photo sharing.
  • Message anyone—even those without the app can reply.
  • Beautiful layout for photos and text.
  • Group or one-to-one conversation threads.
  • Post photo highlights to Facebook.
And did we mention it's smart, too?
  • Auto-suggest contact lists. Post quick messages with fewer keystrokes.
  • Places. Drop a pin on any map with the place name, not just its location.
  • Breadcrumbs. See a cool map of all the places your friends have checked-in.
  • Ultra-fast multi-shot camera mode. Capture the action as it happens.
  • Bulk photo upload. Posting multiple photos is fast and easy.
  • Push notifications. Stay in touch and see what's happening.
  • Offline messaging. Sync messages automatically when you go off and then back online.