Group photo sharing made simple.

Group photo sharing made simple.

LiveShare makes group photo sharing easy on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and the Web. With the free mobile app, you and your friends can now take photos at parties and other experiences and easily share them live all in one place.

  • Create a group photo stream for a party or any occasion.
  • Invite friends to share photos into your group photo stream.
  • Then watch everyone's photos flow in live.

It's public and private group photo sharing at your fingertips. Create as many photo streams as you wish for any number of groups, big or small. Each stream can be seen only by friends you invite or they invite.

Get the free mobile app for group photo sharing on the fly.

Free iPhone App Free Android App Free Windows Phone 7 App

Also try LiveShare on the Web.

Create your own private group photo streams View public photo streams

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